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September 1st Reports

Monthly Reports

          Privts S. W. Lent, Jonathan Taylor, & Giles C. Wiltse transferred to Invalid Corps by S. O. No. 104 of Maj. Genl McCook dated Aug. 27, 1863. Charles Martin -- attached for duty to this Co. by order of genl Davis is not dropped from the rolls by order of the same. Nelson H. Fulton, Anson B. Douglass, Silas B. Anway, John King, Cornelius F. Harder, Theodor Rebadue, Micheal Stump, Charles D. Morehouse, Jacob Roher, Leander H. Fahnstock, Lewis Benge, James H. Snyder, Philip E. Sergent, Andrew W Jackson, herefore reported as member of the Co. having been transferred by order of Genl. Jeff C. Davis are now dropped from these rolls by order of same. Emil Solner ret'd to duty in his detach't.

Battery Muster Roll

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Battery Returns

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