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2nd Minnesota's Battery Manual

The pages of this manual are not an attempt to rewrite the original but rather take some of the information and make it easier to understand through the use of diagrams. Some alterations have been made to reflect today’s reenacting hobby while still maintaining the historical flavor — these are noted. It is our hope that wherever this publication travels, artillery units will use it as a guide in their training.

The contents of this work include the School of the Piece and Failed Primer as adopted by the Second Minnesota Battery. The Battalion Parade of the Western Brigade, National Division follows so that students can see the integration between small unit drill and the Parade. Finally, Plates 3 and 4 of the Battery Encampment are shown for proper disposition of carriages and tents where circumstances allow. Contributors to this manual include the following individuals and organizations: John J. Cain, Daryl Duden, and Jim Rosasco of the 2nd Minnesota Battery; J. Brian Baird of Cheney’s Battery F, 1st Regiment Illinois Light Artillery; Charles J. Warnick, Colonel, Western Brigade; and Tiffany Cain for its publication.

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2nd Minnesota Battery Manual of the Piece